(per regulations at this time)

Our Float House is positioned in a sheltered cove, close by is the great fishing grounds that our charter boat has fished in
for years. Come and go as you please!!!!   You never have to worry about the tides again at a Forest Service cabin!!
Fishing is just minutes away from (or right on) the Float House.  It is set up with all your basic needs in sleeping &
cooking.  Your group will supply your perishable food, snacks and drinks.  We will supply ice, bait and fishing gear.

We will pick you, your group and gear  up at the airport or ferry the first day. That afternoon or evening we will take you
shopping for your groceries, fishing license and any hard or soft drinks you would need etc....  (The Float House  will have
the basics like coffee, tea, flour, sugar, pancake mix, spices, salt, pepper, etc...)We will have a list of everything provided
on board.  All cooking gear is provided plus there is a gas BBQ & Crab Cooker out on the deck.
Then you can settle in for supper, desert and overnight at our lodge for that night.
The next morning we will serve breakfast then load up you and your gear, your supplies, bait and ice onto your rental
boat(s).  We then head out to the Float House about a 1 hour trip. We get you unloaded, settled and familiarize your group
on board with the equipment that is available to you for your stay. At that point you are able to take off out to the fishing
grounds, catch some big fish and have some fun. There is ice on board to ice down your fish. You will need to come in
every other day to bring back the fish you have caught for processing.  On your last full day staying out at the floathouse
you will need to come back to Petersburg by 3 PM for us to process your final catch for travel the next day.   
Your group spends the last night at the lodge, and we will have a great dinner ready and you can tell all your great fish
stories.  The next day we take you to the airport with your boxes of fish and luggage and you are on your way home with
many great stories to tell!

The area around the float house has great halibut fishing from Mid May to Mid September, there is an early silver run
starting early June into July. There is really great bottom fishing in the area also.
The waters in this area are generally very calm and there is no ocean swell, there are some heavy currents and tide swings.  
But there are areas to get out of the currents. By being right there, you can fish the prime times and sit in the house or on
deck & relax during the heavy current times.

The house is 16 X 16 with a second story loft area.  The barge is 20 X 32.  There is a front deck on the float house.  It is
anchored in an area that is protected from most storms.
The house sleeps up to 6 people(has loft area).  The beds have new mattress's.  You will get fresh sheets when you arrive to
take out with you.  There will be blankets, pillows and sleeping bags on the float house.
There is a 4 burner stove with oven & all the pots and pans you will need.  Table & chairs, and all the plates, bowls &
silverware are supplied.
There is 12volt lighting and pump for water. A VHF radio to keep in contact with the boats and for any emergency that
might arise.  
(Cell phones may or may not work there, some areas of the fishing grounds you can get reception.)
There is a gas BBQ on the deck along with a cleaning station/sink area for cleaning fish and doing dishes.  Ice chests will
be provided for keeping the essentials cold and icing down your catch.  There will be crab pots for you to use.
Fresh water is limited depending on the rain.  There is a 375 gallon tank that catches water from the roof. There is also a
hot shower and toilet.
Drinking water is taken out in jugs for your use.


We commercially pack fish, for your convenience at a reduced rate from other processors in town.  There are still 2
processors in town.   Either way it will be boxed and ready for your flight home.

Fuel is at an added cost.

We do not supply Fishing licenses, alcohol, perishable foods, beverages etc...